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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

To be or not to be organic products?

What means Bio (organic) in our life?
Today trying to search for a product on E-Bay, I've been met with expressions, bio (organic) 100%. So a torrent of feelings, questions, they were surprised myself.
So was born the little video, fruits and vegetables, bio (organic) or fruits and vegetables grown with fertilizers?
Many of us became obsessed by organic products, organic fruits, organic vegetables, because of the fear, we feel ill with incurable diseases.
Fear of incurable diseases, due to intoxication daily with chemicals and additives that our bodies are subject makes us look for organic or bio products in supermarket shelves.
But what our grandparents ate normally, fruits and vegetables grown traditionally in this decade became the source of enrichment for the produce we grow and sell natural products.
To be or not To be  bio (organic) products or products grown with chemical fertilizers?
organic products

In markets, shops, supermarkets, are offered all kinds of fruits and vegetables grown using chemical fertilizers, which looks attractive, are bigger, brighter, accepted price, but are far from the old taste of fruits and vegetables.
In a special place, we can find with special labels, and a huge price, organic products. These products make us dizzy looking at price.
And rightly ask how can a product that our grandparents had it on the table now has huge prices?
Why organic products have become a luxury?
The answer is logical, fruits and vegetables grown with chemical fertilizers, sprayed with all sorts of chemicals to grow rapidly, not to make worms, have production double this all  fruits that resemble each other to taste sweet juicy (watery) and have nothing in common with the taste of another time.
So when a fruit is grown synthetically, be sure that no worm will not touch the fruit chemical.
I bought apples, grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, imported grapes, all having nothing in common fruits and vegetables grandparents.
I wonder, if a worm does not like, our people that we have to pay for this chemical food?
In 2003, an expected 50% increase in cancer cases, according to the World Cancer Report.
In the 20th century, died of cancer, more than 100 million people worldwide.
This is the legacy, which we leave to future generations?
Even, fruit worms loves life, more than people; they do not touch fruits grown with chemical fertilizers.
Again humanity confirms the evolution leads to self-destruction of the human species, not to progress?
This is my question: To be or not To be  bio (organic) products or products grown with chemical fertilizers.
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To be or not To be  bio (organic) products or products grown with chemical fertilizers?
organic products

Article write by RVR