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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Bottled water is bad!
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bottled water is bad!

Water the vital element of life.
Most of the time, we expect that if we buy mineral water bottled in plastic bottles, they are much healthy for our children and us.
Although this thing should happen because water bottled it's substantially more expensive than tap water, unfortunately on long-term, exposes us to unseen dangers that we aren't thinking.
Compounds found in plastic that reach our body, over time is accumulating, and sicken us seriously.
- "How?"
In the manufacture of plastic is used the chemical substance namely Bisphenol A, also known as BPA.
This organic compound that mimics estrogen influences the endocrine system and its proper functioning, affecting brain activity, metabolism and the immune system.
The situation gets worse when the water bottled in plastic is kept closing to the heat sources or in the sun.
Plastic exposed to high temperatures decomposes gradually, leaving the micro particles of plastic to drain into mineral water from the bottled bottles.
Here we also find bottled water in plastic gallons, that we use at the water dispenser.

Most of the times the water in the gallon is also heated, not only the water from the hot water tank of the water dispenser.
In some parts of the world, gallons of water are in the sun and improper conditions from the manufacturer, the seller, till us, the consumers. This thing increasing the risk of releasing the microplastics into the mineral water.
Dioxins are extremely dangerous substances and they appear due to the exposure of plastic bottles to heat or the sun.
Under these condition dioxins are formed in large quantities and unfortunately, when we drink this bottled mineral water, they reach in our blood.
Dioxins cause many health problems such as hormonal disturbances, reproductive illnesses, diabetes, immune system dysfunctions, nervous system disorders, or cancer.
Another danger is also the fact that these reusable plastic bottles or gallons are carriers of bacteria colonies.
In some cases, these water bottles have same number of bacteria, as the toilet bowls.
For this reason, it's indicated to avoid using recycled plastic bottles or refill water as an option.
Another danger to our health is the compounds that give plastic bottles elasticity.
These compounds, phthalates, are chemicals that can interfere with endocrine or hormonal systems.
When are ingested these chemicals, in the long term have damaging effects on the liver, kidneys and reproductive system in both women and men.
Deplorably is the fact that, 93% of bottled water in the tested plastic contains over 300 plastic particles per liter, others contain even more microplastics.
What's even worse is the fact, that these bottles of bottled mineral water are marketed in several countries.
This list including the United States, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and other countries.
This article does not have an incriminating character to any brand that sells bottled water.
This article just want to draw attention to a health issue related to the consumption of the mineral water in bottles plastic.
Also, want to draw attention about the handling and storage of this bottled water in unfit conditions for human consumption.