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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Impatiens – seeds – option for Breast Treatment
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Friday, November 10, 2017

Impatiens – seeds – option for Breast Treatment

Every year, cancer cases grow by 6 million people.
Two-thirds of cases come from developing countries. One of the types of cancer that has grown in recent years is breast cancer with a very high mortality rate.
This type of cancer attacks the cell growth system in breast tissue is a scourge of women.
One of the alternative treatments for cancer has as ally the plant known as: Impatiens Balsamina, spotted snapweed, garden balsam, garden jewelweed or rose balsam.
Impatiens breast treatment
Impatiens balsamina

The plant is a wet branch plant with elongated leaves and jagged edges of light green color. The flowers are bright, this plant species having flowers of several colors, such as red, orange, pink, purple and white.
When the fruit of this plant is mature, it will open in 5 selected sections.
Ripe seed capsules explode at simple touch or motion of the plant.
This plant is an ornamental plant with a height of 30 to 80 cm. And in some countries children use this plant's flowers to color their nails.
This plant is not only an ornamental plant, but also, has curative properties, being used as an alternative treatment in many countries. Different parts of the plant it's used as traditional remedies for skin diseases. Leaf juice it's used to treat warts and snake bites, and the flower its applied to burns.
This plant it's used as a traditional medicine in Asia for rheumatism and fractures.
In Korea, this species it's used as a medicine, and in China the seeds of this plant it's used as a treatment for various diseases.
Impatiens seeds breast cancer treatment
Impatiens seeds

In some countries this plant it's used to wash hair to stop hair loss.
However, the most interesting thing is that the seeds, leaves, flowers and root of this plant it's used as alternative treatment for breast cancer. Garden balsam due to phytochemicals and active ingredients in compose has efficacy to inhibit T47D breast cancer cell activity.
In plant composition we found: kaempferol, scopoletin, quercetin, phenol, ferulic acid, sinapic acid, caffeic acid, flavonol, anthocyanin pigment, quinon, and saponin.
Garden balsam contains flavonoid and terpenoid compounds. These two compounds are effective as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticancer agents and play a major role in inhibiting the growth of T74D cancer cells.
With the help of garden balm flowers we can cure mastitis or detect and treat breast cancer.
For this we need a handful of garden balm flowers that we crush and apply them in the evening before bed on part of inflamed breast.
This treatment its applied for one month. If after one month the inflamed part reduces its size and it is not hard, then it is mastitis, but if the breast is hardening and inflamed part tends to expand, then it is likely a cancerous tumor.