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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Onion Hair Oil - Fast Hair Regrowth. Onion prevent Hair Loss
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Onion Hair Oil - Fast Hair Regrowth. Onion prevent Hair Loss

For your hair to regains its radiance, to regain its vigor, to stopped hair loss and more, to regenerate your hair, you need natural solution, since products in the trade, use additives or conservative, based on chemicals, to maintain the shelf life.
Although, at first glance, those products seem to work, with time you will find that your hair is damaged, the hair thins, and more begin to lose hair.
What's to do?
You need a solution to Your problem, but a solution that contains natural ingredients to combine themselves at home.

One of the recipes for the maintenance and natural regeneration of hair consists in three ingredients, which are recognized worldwide for their benefits, for hair.  
These ingredients are: coconut oil, guava leaves and onion. Seems a strange combination, but let's see why I chose these three ingredients.
This hair treatment is applied 2-3 times a week time of 2 months.
In video you can see how is prepare this onion oil and ingredients.
Using this treatment, your hair will regain its brilliance, hair will thicken, hair loss will stop, and more, hair will regenerate.