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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: What Happens to Your Liver When Drink Turmeric!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What Happens to Your Liver When Drink Turmeric!

Stress, exacerbated fatigue, inappropriate nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption, and liver diseases alter the functions of the liver.
A high level of glutathione is associated with longevity.
The largest deposits of glutathione are found in the liver.
A low level of glutathione may cause liver disease or diabetes, but an optimal level of glutathione is essential for the health of the entire body.
In the liver, turmeric curcumin increases the amount of glutathione, the peptide what has coenzyme function in numerous oxidoreduction reactions of our body.

 Turmeric due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects it reduces hepatic lesions, iron and ethanol overdose and excess of toxins.
Turmeric can also be helpful in liver disease, but also in liver re generation.
The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, lowers the risk of liver cancer and reduces the effects of carcinogens on the liver.
This active substance in turmeric reduces the risk of liver cancer by diminishing the harmful effects of carcinogens like thioacetamide on the liver.
If you drink turmeric, you’ll amaze what happens to your liver. When drink turmeric in this mix cleanse your liver, lower the risk of liver cancer and reduces the effects of carcinogens on the liver, get rid to fatty liver and also can help liver regeneration. The curcumin of turmeric in combination with these drink ingredients, helps your liver. Turmeric curcumin increases the amount of glutathione in the liver. Turmeric can also be helpful in liver disease, but also in liver regeneration.

 Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, improving the health of the heart and liver.
Lauric acid in coconut oil lowers cholesterol and balances blood pressure.
The rich antioxidant content of this oil protects the liver from the effects of free radicals and stimulating the elimination of toxins.

 Organic soy milk does not contain cholesterol but on the contrary it contains phytosterols, which help to lower cholesterol.
It has a calcium content similar to that of cow milk.
Soy protein is recommended for prevention of heart disease and hyper tension.
Additionally, soy flavonoids reduce the risk of diabetes by preventing fatty tissue formation being beneficial to fatty liver.
This prevents fat storage on the walls of the blood vessels and has antioxidant properties.
One of the problems of curcumin is low biovability, which mean is not absorbed well by the body.

 That's why it's good when we use turmeric as natural treatment to mix with black pepper.
Piperine of black pepper helps to increase turmeric curcumin absorption by 2000%.

Mix turmeric, coconut oil, soy milk and black pepper and drink it.

   Information offered come from documentation and personal experience, so before beginning use, you must inform your doctor, because he knows your medical history, prescriptions drugs that you follow and your reactions allergic to various substances or food.