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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Embarrassed by your gray hair? An easy natural hair treatment for gray hair!
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Embarrassed by your gray hair? An easy natural hair treatment for gray hair!

Premature graying hair is due to a rapid decline in melanin levels.
When hair roots stop producing melanin, the hair loses its color throughout its length, becoming white or gray.
But there is a natural treatment for hair gray that you probably did not know or heard before.
coconut oil papaya seeds hair treatment - gray hair treatment
coconut oil papaya

Coconut oil hides grey hair because of its antioxidants which prevent the oxidation of hair pigments.

Also, coconut oil helps to keep hair color and stimulate the growth of new hairs, with natural color.
As opposed to other oils, coconut oil has a property which should be not neglected, namely to penetrate the hair coat and to hydrate hair in depth.
Papaya seed powder can also be used to eliminate gray hair.
The content of the glycoside compounds from the papaya seeds is useful to get rid of gray hair.
In just a few weeks of applying on your hair this natural treatment based on papaya seeds you will notice that hair is stronger, healthier and longer.
Thanks to the papain enzyme, hair follicles will strengthen, this fact helping the hair to grow faster.
The combination of coconut oil and papaya seeds are an extraordinary natural hair treatment for gray hair, but also to stimulate hair growth.
Watch to see how to prepare this natural hair treatment for gray hair: