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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: How To Lose Weight by Lose Water Weight Naturally!
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How To Lose Weight by Lose Water Weight Naturally!

Retaining water in the body is also known as edema. Normally, the tissue fluid its drained by the lymphatic system, which acts as a filter, taking and removing toxins, water, fats, bacteria. 
Water retention occurs when the fluid is not drained properly by the lymphatic system. 

Areas affected by water retention are: feet, hands, abdominal cavity and lungs. Weight fluctuations are often caused by retention of water in the body. If a person normally retains about 1 liter of extracellular fluid, an overweight or obese person retains over 2 liters of fluid. 
Besides creating problems related to weight gain over normal, water retention is one of the causes of serious health problems such as: osteoporosis, high blood pressure and obesity

Symptoms of fluid retention are inflammation of the feet and ankles; skin stretched and glowing; when we press the skin with our finger, there remain signs that are visible for a few seconds; headache; difficulty in breathing; the joints are swollen, rigid and painful; decreases flexibility of all joints, and sudden weight gains appear. Retention of water in the body it's caused by many factors, such as high salt consumption; task; nutritional deficits; sunburn or accidents at home or at work; pregnancy and birth control pills. We can prevent water retention through a healthy and balanced diet; practicing exercise to help with blood circulation, but also eliminating the excess of unhealthy water through sweat; supplementing vitamin B consumption, which helps to eliminate surplus of water; a properly hydration, but especially by reducing salt intake.

In support of eliminating excess water, nature itself offers us a series of natural diuretics that not only remove excess fluid in tissues, but also to eliminate toxins, burn fat and helping us to stay fit. Among these natural diuretics we find green tea, ginger and cinnamon. All three of these foods have miraculous properties for health and it’s considered as miraculous plants or superfoods. 

Ginger is one of the five main ingredients in diet therapy. It maintains proper digestion and, due to its diuretic properties, ginger it's indicated for treatment of renal lithiasis, kidney stones, urinary retention, and urinary tract infections. Combats digestive discomfort by improving absorption of beneficial substances in food, prevents over-eating and helps eliminate excess water in the body. A cup of ginger tea consumed daily, in the morning, helps eliminate excess fluid. 

Green tea speeds up metabolism, helping to burn fat, inhibits appetite, and its recommended for controlling over-eating. In addition, he is also a strong natural diuretic, quickly get rid to bloating and edema. By replacing coffee with green tea for 4-6 weeks, we can lose over 7 pounds, just by this minor change. 

Cinnamon is well-known for its benefits in burning fat deposits, being recommended in weight loss belts because of its action, especially for abdominal fat. Having detoxifying properties, helps eliminate toxins from digestive tract, and prevents fat deposition. So if these plants are extraordinary consumed alone, think about what benefits we can get when we combine them.