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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Eat 2 Bananas black spots Per Day - This Happens To Your Body!
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Monday, October 23, 2017

Eat 2 Bananas black spots Per Day - This Happens To Your Body!

Bananas are among the most popular fruits in the world, they have a rich content of essential nutrients, natural sugars, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals. 

Many people prefer green or yellow green bananas and avoid those with black spots. 
But did you ever think to eat bananas, very ripe, soft, with black spots on the skin?
Have you thought about what benefits have these bananas on our body? 
A very ripe banana (banana with dark spots) contains Tumor Necrosis Factor, a very active substance that attacks and destroys tumor cells. This substance, Tumor Necrosis Factor is used in oncology to treat cancer patients and bananas with spots (ripe bananas) contain a Tumor Necrosis Factor naturally, very strong. 
Tumor Necrosis Factor is a cytokine, a substance secreted by certain cells, in the immune system, and has the ability to affect other cells. This substance works amazing when it comes to fighting against abnormal cells. Level of Tumor Necrosis Factor increases, significantly, when increasing, the number of dark spots on skin of banana

And bananas that develop a lot of black spots on the bark are very ripe bananas. So, the more spots have, the more, bananas are healthier. 
Substance Tumor Necrosis Factor increases the strength of the immune system, and people who eat ripe bananas are protect from diseases and cancer. When bananas ripen, it gradually increases, the level of antioxidants. And bananas, in final stage of ripen, those with black starch spots on the bark, turn into simple sugar, which is much easier to digest. 
Ripped bananas provide maximum benefits, they stimulate the production of white blood cells. 
Eating two bananas with black spots on the skin, per day, boosts immunity, protects against cancer and helps fight flu and colds. They are eight times healthier than green or yellow bananas without spots and eight times more effective in improving white blood cell function. 
Choosing the right banana has more health benefits. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, this mineral improves the health of the heart and balances blood pressure. 
banana black spots
Banana black spots

Consuming bananas helps increase the body's energy, prevent sadness, and help to maintain a positive mood. 
For this video, I chose to present 4 types of very ripe banana purchased from the local market without being bred with chemicals or genetic modifications. These bananas are organically, grown and ripe naturally, free of chemical substances and not gassed with ethylene. 

So, if you usually, choose yellow-green or unripe bananas, it would be good to consider the benefits it can bring banana with black spots to your body.