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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Is onion good to reduce uric acid? Boil onions and see what happens!
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Is onion good to reduce uric acid? Boil onions and see what happens!


Pain is unbearable as if your bone breaks in thousands of pieces at each movement, and your joint becomes inflamed.
Located at the foot, it will make you almost unbearable any touch or movement due to pulsating pain.
Gout or inflammatory arthritis, because, about this illness it is this video, is chronic progressive disease in which the uric acid level grows slowly, without knowing it.
If evolution is asymptomatic, we cannot say the same thing about gout crises.
Among the symptoms of a gout crisis are: pruritus, skin exfoliation and burning sensation.
Gout crises come suddenly, causing inflammation, swelling and pain.
The place affected by the gout its red, the skin getting a sick and matte appearance.
If the gout is not treated, it can spread to several joints, but it can also damage the liver, heart and other organs.
Generally, the first attack of gout improves without treatment, but the disease can return after about a year, leading to chronic gout, in which, nodules its formed.
Gout trigger is the excess of uric acid in the blood.
The body produces uric acid by decomposing purines, substances found in the body, but also in certain foods.
This forms microcrystals that its deposited at the joints, and around them.
Among the causes of gout triggering, we find: obesity, excessive consumption of meat and seafood, alcohol consumption, and administration of some medication.
Other causes, associated with triggering the gout are fast weight loss or weight changes due to hormone-like treatments.
Chronic kidney disease, arterial hypertension, psoriasis, lead poisoning, hypothyroidism, and renal disease may also be causes of gout triggering.
To prevent gout, it is advisable to avoid sedentary, overweight, adopt a diet based on vegetables and fruits, avoiding meat, especially red meat, and seafood.
Also, liquid consumption is very important in preventing gout, people affected by gout, have to consume at least 2 liters of fluid per day.
One of the natural treatments that help reduce the symptoms of gout and arthritis is the one with boiled onions.
Who would have thought, that the ordinary food, onion, that we use daily in salads to prepare food and soups helps us in gout crises, but also its prevention?
Yes, it's true, a constant consumption of onion reduces the symptoms of gout.
And the fact that many people have intolerance to raw onion, boiled onion and tea or onion decoction is an alternative that reduces inconvenience.
Onion is an antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, emollient and revulsive. It prevents and limits pain, or even suppresses the pain, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Having a rich content of fructosan, a polysaccharide of fructose, onions are a powerful diuretic. It can help remove three liters of urine a day, dissolving and eliminating uric acid, and being very effective in relieving rheumatic pain and gout crises.
Due to this property, its recommended that patients with gout, rheumatism and excess urea or uric acid in the blood, consume 150 grams of raw onion daily for 21 days.
Also for those with intolerance or who cannot bear the onion odor, alternatives are decoction of onion, that is, boiled onion or boiled onion water.
From decoction prepared as in my video, we drink 2 glasses daily, until uric blood level, returns to normal.