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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Every Time Perfect Rice - HowTo cook!
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Every Time Perfect Rice - HowTo cook!

Rice is one of the world's most famous cereals, it is the food of more than half of the world's population, and the fact that it is a gluten-free food makes the rice even more consumed. 

In the world are more than 40,000 varieties of rice and its health benefits are remarkable, this wonderful properties for the human body, skin, and the hair, it can find in rice and rice water consumption. 
Rice acts internally, but also externally, the proof is cosmetics products for skin and hair maintenance. 
Besides being a quick source of energy, rice keeps the blood sugar level under control. 

Brown rice and white rice contain abundant essential minerals and vitamins. Rice is a powerful source of slow release carbohydrates, so it acts as a fuel for organs function, stimulates brain activity and increases life expectancy. Boiled rice is a popular universal remedy for diarrhea, just like the water it boiled in. Boiled rice, mixed with pasted apples, is recommended as a relief for lowering blood pressure. 
Also, rice water can be eaten twice a day, at breakfast and at noon, by people suffering from chronic enterocolitis. 

A moderate consumption of perfect rice at the main meals contributes to detoxifying the liver because it absorbs toxins. 
Prepared with vegetables and herbs rice is a good food for anemic people. Phosphorus containing by rice has a beneficial effect on the human central nervous system. 
Regular consumption of rice helps to assimilate vitamin B6, which plays an important role in the metabolism of amino acids, is effective in treating sexual dysfunctions, favoring blood flow to the genital area, protecting the heart and brain and increasing life expectancy. 
But, what scares some people about eating rice is constipation, but also the number of calories. 

A portion of boiled rice contains about 260 calories, which seems enormous for people who want to lose weight. 
But, this way to cook rice become our ally, even in weight loss cures, we can cook this perfect rice every time, without fear.
It seems that adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to boiling, and keeping rice cooked in the refrigerator for 12 hours turns the rice starch, making it less caloric. Rice cooked in this way has 10 times less starch than conventional rice, and its lower the level of calories by 50-60%. 
Starch resistant from rice is a source of energy for bacteria inside the human intestine and reheating of rice cooked in this way does not change its new properties. 
To cooked perfect rice with a low half-calorie count, we need a cup of rice, two cups of water, salt to taste and a teaspoon of coconut oil.