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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Rice water for hair Growth! Water of Rice - prevent hair loss!
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rice water for hair Growth! Water of Rice - prevent hair loss!

Rice water help hair growth fast and prevent hair loss.
It is said, about rice water, that it is the secret of the beauty of Asian women, being also known as the "miracle of Asian beauty".
The rice water, traditionally used to maintain the beauty of the skin and the hair, has proven to be superior to commercial beauty products.

Rice water has the ability to improve hair's elasticity, due to the inositol content, an organic compound of the vitamin B complex, with an important role in stimulating hair growth.
Inositol, from rice water, remains inside the hair even after rinsing, providing further hair protection and beauty effects.

In addition, amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in rice water, strengthen the roots of the hair, giving it a voluminous, silky and brilliant appearance.

Rice water is used to rinse hair or we can quickly prepare, with the help of an essential oil, a hair conditioner.
By rinsing the hair with rice water, the hair shine and we help the hair to be strong and healthy.

For additional feeding of the hair, in rice water, we can add a few drops of hair essential oils.

After washing the hair with shampoo, pour rice water on hair and gently massage your scalp. After this operation rinse your hair with cold water. The process can be applied to each wash of the hair.
Rice will hair growth, prevent hair loss, and give us natural alternative for healthy hair.