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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Diet - No Exercise – To Lose Weight -watermelon diet

Are you disappointed by your slow metabolism? Your genetics? 

Are you jealous of people who can eat anything, and still remain, slim? 

Have you been disappointed to have the same belly fat, even you spent a fortune on colon cleaners or anti-cellulite creams? 

For sure, you have never thought to cheating your own body, your own hunger. Yes, to cheating, because, often, hunger comes on nervous background, creating the obsession to eat, to nibble something, to feel the stomach full. 

The trick of changing the normal plate with a smaller one, which looks very full, cannot last indefinitely, because, you will gradually return, to the normal plate. 

All you need is to eat something that you like, to saturate, and not to fat you, to satisfy your taste buds and the need of sweets. To eat, to be saturated, to enjoy, and to lose weight seems a myth, but nature, always, offers miracles. 

One of these miracles is watermelon. Have you ever thought, that you can lose weight, just by eating this fruit, watermelon, sweet and juicy? 

Yes, watermelon, because this fruit has a very low content of calorie and fat, only 30 kilocalories per 100 grams, and you can consume, at least 7 pounds, a day. 
At the same time, watermelon is a rich source of phytonutrients and antioxidants, essential substances, for a good health. It also contains vitamin B6, a vitamin that, along with magnesium, combats stress, so watermelon it helps with stress-based bulimia. 
So if you follow this diet for 7 days, you will lose about 10 pounds, you will be saturated, you will have a daily dose of sweet, but also, minerals and vitamins. Here are some tips on how to you, can eat watermelon, during those seven days.

With these suggestions, I'm sure it does not seem so boring, to eat, just watermelon, for 7 days.