You will never throw away an egg shell when you know all this things!  Eggshells
always end up in the trash after you prepare boiled eggs, fried or cakes.
  Next time when you use eggs and thrown the shells, think that you thrown in the trash, a source of calcium, extremely easy for the body to assimilate. If you do not need extra calcium in the diet, also you should not throw egg shells, because they have a lot of uses, which probably you did not know and you can found here. 

An adult needs about 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day, and a large egg, hiding in his shell up to 800 milligrams.

In combination with phosphorus, calcium ensures healthy bones and teeth. And joined magnesium, calcium, keeps your cardiovascular system in top form. In addition, a greater amount of this mineral mitigates menstrual pain and prevents allergies. Egg shells contain vitamin D3 and magnesium. Both contribute to a better calcium absorption in bones.