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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: This weed burns your diseases!
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Monday, February 20, 2017

This weed burns your diseases!

This weed burns your diseases! This weed is known as the fire healer because it burns diseases. Considered a sacred plant, weed nettle is consumed since antiquity. nettle has incredible benefits to the human body and has been used in many areas of the world for hundreds of years as a food, herb, and nettle tea as a tonic energizing or feed-stock obtaining thread for fabrics.
Considered a sacred weed, nettle is consuming ever since ancients. Traditionally, it was said that nettle protects against lightning, so along during of storms, people wear at the neck as an amulet, wrapped in a piece of baize. It is practiced, in the old time, to touch people with nettle, because it was thought that one pinched, will be nimble, diligent and dexterous at work all year. Stinging nettle, although unpleasant, is good for rheumatism.
Although it is not friendly to our skin, nettle has incredible benefits to the human body and has been used in many areas of the world for hundreds of years as a food, herb, and nettle tea as a tonic energizing or feed stock obtaining thread for fabrics. Nettles are an excellent source of protein, iron and other essential minerals for the body. Fresh leaves contain about 82.4% water, 17.6% dry matter, 5.5% protein, 0.7 to 3.3% fat and 7.1% carbohydrates. Mature leaves contain 40% alpha linolenic acid, a valuable omega-3.
Nettles contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, chlorine and oligo-elements such as manganese, copper and iron.
Nettle contains various carotenoids are found primarily in the leaves, present in various forms of lutein, carotene and xanthophyll. Nettle contains vitamin A (retinol), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid, vitamin K1 and tocopherols (vitamin E), richest content of vitamins is found in the leaves.
Nettle tea helps to detoxify the body, of chemicals and heavy metals.
This tea being very rich in minerals and vitamins, it is excellent to vitaminizing re-mineralization and balancing the body's defense system. Nettle eliminate feelings of anemia, helps reduce water retention, very effective in premenstrual syndrome and menorrhagia.
This tea is a diuretic, increasing the secretion of uric acid, but it is also effective in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis, contains sterols, ingredients of nettle leaves, which reduce dehydrotestosterone activity that causes prostate disorders.
Nettle tea increases the concentration of testosterone is naturally increasing vitality in men.
Nettle tea stimulates lactation and helps to recover energy after birth.
Nettle tea can be used as a female tonic, especially for young women and for those postmenopausal
Nettle tea has beneficial effect in bronchitis and asthma.
Magnesium from nettles can moderate pain, caused by fibromyalgia.
Nettle contains natural antihistamines that are effective for allergies, also has analgesic properties.
Nettle tea is prepared by blanching or infusion, so the plant will not lose their properties curators. Over a tablespoon of nettle pour a cup of boiling water, cover for a few minutes, then strain. In case you wish to prepare larger quantities will repeat the process using 4-5 tablespoons of dried nettle leaves in a liter of boiled water.
Daily consume up to four cups of tea with small sips, without adding sugar. Normally if you drink 2-3 cups daily with this tea you lose about 2 kilograms per week, but for maximum effect, once started dieting Nettle tea should not be interrupted for 30 days. A glass of nettle tea combined with yarrow tea per day helps to tone stomach.