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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Original recipe Rice mask 3 in 1 hair face and hand, natural hair color
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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Original recipe Rice mask 3 in 1 hair face and hand, natural hair color

The skin and hair are constantly exposed to oxidative stress induced by reactive oxygen species which are generated  from endogenous sources such as secondary products as  oxidation aerobic or cellular response to inflammation and stimuli pro-oxidant external, such as radiation ultraviolet.
So what would be to have a single hair mask, face, hands, and body, easily accomplished with low cost, instead of bother with several components or cosmetics?
Each of you is wondering, perhaps, why I wrote AVCMR and what represents.
No, it is not a new cosmetic product, is 100% natural and easy to find.
Letter R is from rice.
Rice, rice water and rice flour ingredients are part of some of the best and most expensive body care products in the world.
Since ancient times, Japanese geishas used this ingredient, apparently banal in their baths to enjoy its wonderful effects of beauty.
Cosmetics brands using rice bran in any product, from serums to oils, gels cleansing.
Parts, of the plant rice have benefit soothing irritations, moisturizing and exfoliating the skin and whole body.
In the East, the year one thousand five hundred before our era, in China and Japan, rice flour gave whitening to faces.
Eyelashes and eyebrows were plucked; teeth were painted in black or gold; face and hair dyed with henna.
In other words, teens then look just like those of today.
Rice has the ability to improve the elasticity of the hair, because it contains inositol, an organic compound from category B vitamin complex with an important role in hair growth.
Inositol remains inside the hair after rinsing, offering further protection of hair, and beauty effects.
In addition, amino acids, vitamins and minerals care can be found in rice, strengthens hair roots, and gives volume, silky and shiny.
AV is Aloe Vera, which we all know it. It is one of the plants used in the manufacture of cosmetics and alternative medicine products.
Aloe Vera helps to remove dandruff, relieves itchy scalp and is antibacterial.
People who have sensitive skin can use Aloe Vera for moisturizing, because it does not irritate the skin.
Aloe contains anti-inflammatory compounds and can treat problems such as acne.
CM these letters...
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