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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Thinning Hair, Hair Loss? Guava Leaves Hair Loss Cure!
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Monday, October 03, 2016

Thinning Hair, Hair Loss? Guava Leaves Hair Loss Cure!

Today, I propose you, to speak about hair, in special how treat loss hair and regenerate our hair in natural way.
Hair is the most important accessory for a woman, but also this problem are usual for men too, many of people are stress when lose many hairs.  When we want a change, the first thing is hair; we can change the color or haircut. For all these things need to start from a good base, namely a healthy thick hair. But not many of us can have part of this, when are hit by nightmare of hair loss. This problem it can be caused by several factors: birth control pills, stress, illness, poor nutrition, seborrhea (excessive formation of fat in the scalp), medicines for weight loss, lack of vitamins, hormonal problems. The alarm signal occurs when the balance between re-growth and his loss. The loss of more than a hundred hairs a day, it means that we have a problem and is appropriate to we think and found solutions.
 When pharmaceutical and professional products not give any result, with a little patience, masks prepared at home seem become a true elixir.

If you have problems with hair loss, your hair thin wires or split, you must include in your routine hair mask with guava leaves.
For more try our video Thinning Hair, Hair Loss? Guava Leaves Hair Loss Cure!