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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Altmed, concepts introductory

What is non-conventional medicine? Alternative medicine (also called non-conventional medicine or complementary medicine consists of diagnostic and treatment methods that are outside conventional medicine. Complementary medicine includes as components, mainly: alternative therapies, complementary medicine specialists and complementary means of treatment. Alternative therapies include essentially: natural therapies, therapies through touch and movement therapies. Natural therapies are a set of medical practices that directly use the remedies directly from nature, particularly: physical structure, radiation energy and the human psyche. Categories natural therapies: phytotherapy (treatment with teas, herbs therapy - aromatherapy, therapy oils – oleotherapy, therapy with plant shoots - gemmotherapy etc.), apitherapy, mineral therapy (argil therapy with vegetable ash, charcoal therapy vegetable etc.), therapy with insects - entomotherapy therapy leech - hirudotherapy, zootherapy therapy with natural factors (balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, heliotherapy, hydrotherapy etc.), diet therapy (oligotherapy, dietary supplements, macrobiotic diet, vegetarian diet, posts, etc.), radiant therapy (radiation therapy, magnet therapy, crystalotherapy etc.), energy therapy (acupuncture, moxibustion therapy, auriculotherapy, scalp therapy, bioenergotherapy, bio-resonance therapy, esotericism etc.) and psychotherapy ( hypnotherapy, sacrotherapy, sophrology, biofeedback, visualization, meditation, etc.).
Touch therapies define those methods and processes for preservation and restoration of health by therapeutic manipulations exerted on the human or animal body physically.

Touch therapies main categories are: osteopathy, etiopathy, chiropractic, Reiki, massage, reflexology, haptonomie, Rolfing, Mézières therapy, therapy Feldenkrais, Alexander Therapy, Trager therapy, Bowen therapy and craniosacral therapy. Through movement therapies are those medical practices that have as a basic principle in disease prevention and control use of special dynamics of human or animal physical body. Categories therapies through movement are: Yoga, tai chi and qi gong. The Complementary treatment has next main categories: natural remedies (teas, tinctures, leeches, insects, radiation, bio, therapeutic persuasion etc.), therapeutic manipulation and exercise.

Holistic Medicine 

Holistic medicine is a way to tackle health and disease very different from the classic. It was applied since the time of Hippocrates, but over the centuries it has entered into obscurity and only in recent decades is rediscovered, currently being increasingly more appreciated both doctors and patients because its results. Holistic conception man is viewed as a whole, as an indivisible whole. The human being is not just the sum of organs, is an integrated system, a set of elements that interact constantly with each other, while the whole system interacts with the environment. System components resulting from the interaction properties that cannot manifest parts taken separately. Holistic treatment methods addresses the patient and not the disease, they are simultaneously occupying the body, mind and soul to him, in accordance with the laws of nature. Disease prevention methods are multiple: thinking correct, balanced diet, exercise, orderly life etc. They are excellent methods of maintaining health, but insufficient when it comes to rebalancing the body after onset. This requires stronger actions, that address vital force, that to reinforce, to help bring the body into a state of health as close to normal. Holistic method categories are: acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, herbal medicine, music therapy, chromo, sacrotherapy etc ... Our recommendation is that people who want to use these alternative treatments to consult your doctor before use these treatments. There are certain herbal antioxidant components that give side effects when used in conjunction with chemotherapy.