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Healthy and Beauty natural treatments: Detox diet - Pomelo and his vitamins
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Detox diet - Pomelo and his vitamins

Pomelo fruit story comes from the Ming Dynasty, around 1500, when the Chinese Xipu, found himself with all orchard damaged by floods. 
Pomelo is an exotic fruit with ancient history, being first cultivated in China around 100 BC and is considered a true symbol (the Chinese and Pomelo became therapeutic partners, them believe that this fruit protect them from evil).
An them partnership is have echo till in present, Pomelo are the fruit that give many health benefits body. Although unfortunately in Europe and America countries is rather very little known, compared to the rest of citrus fruit consumed, though it should be introduced between fruit consumption because, it shows many health beneficial substances. 
Pomelo (Citrus maxima) is considered the "king" of citrus, and it is understandable size is about the same as a melon, and the taste is much nicer and sweeter than other citrus. Outside, fruit color ranges from green to yellow or coral, while the core can be pink, or very yellow. 
In his therapeutic partnership likewise the rest of citrus, Pomelo contains vitamin C. One-quarter of this fruit giant is enough to give you 130% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. Additionally, it contains iron, fiber, potassium, protein, and the best part is that it has low calories. Pomelo 100 g contain only 38 calories, the fruit contains enzymes that help burn fat. From this point of view Pomelo is a highly therapeutic partners with those who want to control their weight. Targe t is effective in digestion.
Citrus Maxima also contain pectin, and this makes the fruit to be effective therapeutic in preventing arteriosclerosis and balancing blood pressure.
Pomelo and his therapeutic partners, vitamins and minerals, active substances what detoxifying and reduce oxidative stress and replenish energy.
Pomelo contains the following vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin K and rich in bioflavonoids. 
Bioflavonoids can stop cancer cells from spreading effect of breast cancer in a patient, making the body get rid of excess estrogen.
Grapefruit is rich in minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium and calcium. Pomelo contains fiber, antioxidants and active.
Benefits are countless, but I will mention here just how many of these benefits. 

Therapeutic partners of Pomelo and vitamins give many profits for them health:

  • Therapeutic to increase body’s energy reserves;....
  • Effectively combats fatigue and neurasthenia;
  • Useful in recovery periods, in the physical and mental overload;
  • Accelerate ascent is useful in diets;........
  • Partner in reduce stress with antioxidants -oxidation; 
  • Prevents cancer of breast and pancreatic; 
  • Prevents anemia;
  • Indirectly prevents atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease by protecting blood vessels;
  • Enable digestion;
  • Increase the fiber content peristalsis, while reducing the risk of colon cancer;
  • Therapeutic in combat of constipation through dietary fiber content;
  • The high content of vitamins help maintain hair health and beauty;
  • Prevents headaches so common in water content which helps maintain blood pressure, intracranial and by energizing substances it contains;
  • Cleans teeth and prevents cavities;
  • Therapeutic in Combats with hair loss by multivitamin hair roots;
  • In external use is useful in areas with rough skin, dehydrated, with regeneration and rejuvenation effects. Apply juice of fresh Pomelo skin on these areas and do not rinse.
  • Preventing urinary tract infections - vitamin contained in the fruit combat inflammation in the body and helps to increase the acidity of urine, which has the ability to reduce the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract.
  • Pomelo juice has an extraordinary therapeutic ability to heal tissues because it activates the enzymes involved in the production of collagen, a protein that keeps skin tone and elasticity.
  • Strengthens the immune system by activating immune-cells that protect the body from bacteria and viruses that can cause colds and viral respiratory infections, especially common in winter.

Therapeutic partners, human and nature, in a evolution of knowledge and progress, them ascend to the victory in a human health.
Sometimes return to nature are the best solution for a healthy and rich life.

Article write by RVR