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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Effective, Birth Control



Contraceptive Methods  list is give you headaches? Birth control weight gain over normal and you are stressed ? Birth control patch side effects is scare you? Birth control pills effects is unacceptable? Stopped taking birth control, altmed, contraceptives methods list is long and not have side effects reacting. About this I want speak  today, methods birth control with papaya seeds.
In Asia have traditionally have been used as a altmed, birth control (contraceptive) , from many centuries ago, until today this way have a sensational goals like one of birth methods. 
People in Japan,  also believe that liver disease may be protected with the use of a teaspoon of papaya seeds, consumed daily. Goals of Papaya Seeds was subject of unlimited research by many researchers from worldwide, they tried to found how many utilities and how can help like cures or just prevention of  diseases  in natural way.
A group of student researchers, from the University of Karachi have explored the health benefits of papaya seed, and discovered some facts about these delicious tropical fruit seeds, including use in reducing the risk of heart attack and diabetes control and they is get fabulous results.

The seeds can be eaten with milk to prevent dengue disease and can also cure hemorrhoids. Papaya seeds also contain a special compound that helps to stop the formation of tumors.
During the research, students in the final year of BS, Department of Agriculture and agribusiness have also discovered numerous advantages of papaya seeds.
Speaking to Pakistan Daily Times, Naseem make an Papaya seeds top benefits, with this occasion he explained that juice of papaya seeds is essential to protect the kidneys to become non-functional because the seeds contain flavonoids and phenotic that prevent against germs that cause such diseases.
In addition, papaya seeds can also protect, and infections may also be used to clean the silkworm gutters.
Naseem said that in Nigeria, 76.7% of children had escaped from intestinal worms by eating papaya seeds juice for seven days.
Papaya seeds contains large amounts of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, thiamine and magnesium.
Papain enzyme from papaya seeds provides solutions for indigestion and gastric problems , is also very useful to control or stop diabetes.
By the daily intake of papaya cancer, it can be eradicated because it contains ingredients, chemicals such as lycopene and the likes.
Effective, Birth Control
Papaya seeds
Also consuming daily, papaya seeds help reduce weight .


Researchers was testing Papaya seeds to see goals in altmed, birth control methods and have been found to completely remove sperm from ejaculation a male monkeys. Rats were also tested with a compound of papaya seeds and found to have "significantly reduced" the number of sperm. At higher levels of ingestion, rats have become completely infertile. The researchers then said long-term, daily use of the compounds of papaya seeds to be a safe and effective male contraceptive. So, this make researchers to affirm that Papaya can be used like birth control method.
Also, studies have been done on rabbits with extracts of papaya seeds. After three months of daily use, rabbits were found almost completely infertile. The extract showed no effect on libido or their bodies - and contraceptive effects were completely reversible after 45 days of inactivity.
Effective, Birth Control
papaya seeds
Traditional crops in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia have eaten and long used papaya seeds as an effective contraceptive and safe. It seems that a teaspoon of seeds per day is what to use traditional cultures - and it takes three months for use as targets based to be fully realized. Papaya seeds have been studied more frequently in men than women as family planning method, but traditional cultures have used papaya seeds for both male and female contraception.
Cocktail for altmed, birth control:
02/01 Blend papaya, 2 or 3 bananas and papaya seed 20-40. Add a little honey for sweetness, if desired. Other fruit may be substituted as desired.
Drink daily.
Some Papaya from Hawaii is genetically modified, so try to buy papaya who grew up in Hawaii, or simply BUY organic papaya.
People suffering from hypertension may include papaya in their diet daily. Papaya also reduces the chance of heart attack; Papaya is also known as the cleaner body as it helps maintain the body's internal system in the normal state.
Effective, Birth Control
Papaya seeds

Papaya Seeds, Benefits :

  • Kidney health

Papaya seeds can be used to improve health and prevent kidney renal failure, do wonders in diseases related to kidney poisoning.

Papaya seeds are anti-inflammatory which makes them great for alleviating arthritis, joint diseases, swelling, pain and redness.

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
A small amount of seed Papaya kills harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus     and Salmonella. They also help fight off viral infections and cure dengue, typhoid and many diseases. In Nigeria, milk papaya seeds are an excellent remedy for typhoid and malaria.
The seeds were widely used in Costa Rica to fight dengue.

  • Cancer
The seeds contain Papain, which stop the growth of cancer cells and tumors. They  contain isothiocyanate that works well for colon, breast, lung, leukemia and prostate.

  • Destroy Parasites
Papaya seeds contain an alkaloid called "Carpaine" that kills intestinal worms and  parasitic amoeba. Since Papaya help, protein metabolism and gastrointestinal tract makes  an extremely hostile place, it does not allow parasites to live and thrive. By eating seeds Papaya juice for 7 days we can get rid of parasites.

  • Family Planning Methods
Effective, Birth Control
Papaya seeds
The papaya seeds are excellent natural contraceptive for both men and women, with no side  effects, unlike over-the-counter contraceptives that have numerous adverse effects due to    prolonged use. Women knew how to protect themselves against tasks for hundreds of years, even if some methods of birth control seems frightening today. There is evidence from ancient Greece or Rome that some women were based on dances and amulets to prevent pregnancy, but it is clear that they do not work. Here is one of family planning methods, which today would seem strange to us, that  birth control method are to eat papaya seeds.
It is well known that both men and women, from Indian subcontinent and in parts of South 
Papaya seeds can serve as a method of contraception for men. Taken daily can significantly reduce male sperm. The good part is that infertility is reversible: if a man does not consume papaya seeds, his sperm back to normal.

Such as papaya and papaya seeds are rich in an enzyme called Papain. Papain is a beneficial aid in protein digestion, but it's better to be avoided for pregnant or trying to   become pregnant.

Article write by Rvr