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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Perfumes, type a personality

perfume fragrance reflect your personality
perfume fragrance
 reflect your personality  
Everyone has a hobby, every woman has a favorite thing in this world: designer clothing, luxury cars, jewelry, luxury shoes, luxury cruises,  reading, but one of my hobbies, not related to any of those mentioned above.
My hobby came from somewhere inside of me, from early childhood pleasant smells, scents trees in bloom, the scent of Myosotis, Convallaria majalis (Lily of the valley) or Cheiranthus cheir (Erysimum cheir), made me wake up from  the numbness and apathy daily and carrying my dream realms.

Today, I'm on half of my life path, but still daydream when I feel the scent of a perfume that brings flavored beloved flowers.
It is said that we unconsciously associate, certain odors with perfume or less pleasant moments with people, what we adored or hated. It is also said that the perfume or fragrance chosen reflect our personality.
For me a sweet perfume, pungent, it makes me feel uncomfortable and I feel the need to leave  that space, quickly.
All the spices, which they worship and selected fragrances, reflect our personality and our wealth, are part of that relevance for those who want to know us in the least our personality.
Women who choose a floral fragrance, are sensitive, romantic and delicate, with a strong personality and temperament worthy of a winner.perfume fragrance reflect your personality.
  Flowers are weatherproof climate and so are women who choose floral scents.
Women who choose a fruity  fragrance  are sociable and popular, full of life. The aroma of apples, cherries or passion fruit, is a sweet aroma which attracts people, with the condition is not too excessive but a subtle sweetness.
 floral scents for delicate women
 perfume-floral scents
Women who choose perfume with soft masculine and a bit pungent, as the aroma of musk are female rebels, independent and strong, who oozes confidence and they  are sure of their own power of seduction, women which can handle easily and can help them self in any situation.
Women who prefer oriental fragrances are women irresistible, mysterious and sensual, who love the art of seduction and conquest with feline movements. However it’s necessary these flavors to be discreet to not  create undesired reactions among those around us.
Women who love fresh scents are full-life, love, energetic and relaxed, not looking to impress, they are themselves, and they are happy.
Secrets of women - perfume reflects your personality
Secrets of women - perfume reflects your personality
Women who choose the fragrance with marine flavors are romantic, bohemian, dreamy eternal love the sea, is nostalgic, sensitive and delicate.

That would be the classification of my hobby, and regardless of the opinions of others, I believe that the choice of perfume is unconscious, and is linked to our subconscious and our personality. I am convinced that no woman will choose a brand name just because: of that name, design or packaging, but women will test the skin easily, she will sniffed sweet flavor and she will buy only when the olfactory senses will bear her on the realms of dream.