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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cancer, cancer cures

There is a myth about cancer: cancer patients implies cancer doctor would jump at the chance to use a new drug that has a higher cure rate for cancer. However, the pharmaceutical industry would not release a new drug that cure cancer, because that would reduce the profits of the residence for its owners of super-rich of the pharmaceutical industry.

Another misconception of the general public is they believe that cancer doctor are looking for protocols with the highest cure rates. This is nonsense. In the case in which it was stated that cancer doctor recommend to his patients to drink a liter of purple grape juice every day; the rate of cancer cures, would explode at close to 100% (instead of the current cancer cures rate for 5 years 2.1%).
New cancer treatment
What does cancer doctor would become rich from telling their patients to go to a health food and to drink a liter of purple grape juice daily (named "Brandt grape Cure")? Is become, an cancer doctor, rich from telling patients to go to a health food and drink a quart of carrot juice (with a little sugar beet juice blended) every day? Both are excellent cancer treatments with very high cure rates.
What does cancer doctor do, is to give their patients a cure rate for six months, cancer doctor know exactly what is going on. Cancer cures is not a game!
New cancer treatment
So let's talk about what really causes cancer, so you understand why cancer can be cured. In fact, cancer cells can be easily be reverted into normal cells.
Cancer (low ATP energy) are caused by a single pleomorphicbacteria occurring inside cells and blocks the production of ATP from glucose energy interception (bacteria love to eat glucose). Less glucose means less energy ATP. When these cells, there are bacteria in both cells, and it just spreads the cancer. These bacteria were first discovered by in 1890 pathologist William Russell (1852-1940).
Cancer researchers from peeps know how to return to normal, easy, cancer cells in normal cells and how to kill these bacteria or even slightly, killing cancer cells, using things from mother nature.
Another factor in that there has to be a concern in the battle with cancer is the immune system.
New cancer treatment
Every adult on this planet has cancer cells. But for most people their immune system routinely kills those cancer cells. So, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is almost certain that it has a weak immune system.
This is possible because there are often microbes or parasites in organs that steal food from organs, and thus weakens the bodies which in turn weaker the immune system. A "liver flush" is defined to be a cancer treatment, designed to kill these microbes or parasites.
The cure rate of natural medicine is 30 times higher cure rates than those who use the old school invasive method, medical highly profitable: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery (although in rare cases surgery is necessary to remove a tumor in a dangerous location). 

After a life in which we was fed with false information intentionally, by the media and the pharmaceutical industry, both of inestimable wealth, we need to know:
1. Depending on the cancer treatment that is chosen, the survival rate for the same type of cancer can range from 3% to 90%. Almost all patients use 3% cure rate of treatments because they don't know about 90% cure rate, treatment
2. Many of the cancer cures that have cure rates of 90% return in normal cells, cancer cells 
3. Are cheap, safe and gentle these treatments, cancer (with a cure rate of 90 percent) have existed for decades, but very, very few people know that these treatments, even there.
New cancer treatment
cancer cures
Start after a plane with all-natural, freshly squeezed vegetable juice include, probiotic foods stimulate immunity. Supplements, stress reduction techniques and prayer.  There are many cases in which, after four months, tumors decreased significantly and after a year with the help of God's help had been diagnosed as "cancer-free" and healthy.
I want to be clear: I do not claim that what I said is a cure for cancer. But I think, these natural therapies be used singly or in combination with conventional treatments, and supports the body in the healing process.
One cancer treatment options, which, I have speaking to today, it  Gerson therapy.
Dr. Gerson has helped hundreds of patients with cancer, turn their body's ability to heal itself through:
·        Organic foods, herbal
·        Raw juices
·        Coffee enemas
 ·       Beef liver
·        Natural supplements
New cancer treatment
With a whole - body approach to healing the Gerson therapy naturally reactivates and magnificent body's ability to heal itself without harmful side effects. This powerful, natural treatment, stimulates your own immune system to cure cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies and many other degenerative diseases.
Gerson therapy aims at the most important metabolic requirements of your body. How? Believe it or not, this therapy will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of consuming nutritional 15-20 kilograms of fruit and vegetables every day of organically grown!
 Gerson diet-consisting of only eat fruit, vegetable and cereal germinated.
Gerson Diet is exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It is also very low in fat, protein and sodium. Recommended meal plan, cancer patients, is to drink fresh juice glasses 13 preparations to eat three meals, and just break fresh fruit daily.
Gerson therapy also recommends the consumption of beef and liver because it is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, and extremely high in vitamin B12.
 According to Gerson alternative cancer treatment centers, "the juice pressed from fresh, raw foods, offers simpler and more efficient way of delivering high-quality food. "Cancer-fighting Protocol", requires the patients to drink fresh vegetable juice each day, including carrots or apples and green leaf juices. To preserve the nutritional content, the juice must be freshly prepared, using a two-stage, juicer or a masticating juicer, used with a separate hydraulic press. This helps prevent, destroy -  the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are destroyed. (Most commercial juicers spin so fast that emit heat up juice gong to the point where it's basically pasteurized!)
Gerson therapy uses coffee enemas as a primary method of detoxing the body, through the parasympathetic nervous system. For cancer patients, it can be up to five daily enemas.
New cancer treatment
When a patient is put in therapy, the combined effect of foods, drinks and medicines causes the immune system to attack and kill the tumor tissue, apart from working, to flush out accumulated toxins from the tissues of the body.  This procedure of clearing-out bearing the risk of overloading and the great poisoning of liver detoxification-important organ, which, from a cancer patient, is bound to be already damaged and debilitated.
Gerson therapy following organic medicinal therapies recommends:
·        Lugol's solution
·        Pancreatic enzymes
·        Potassium compound
·        Thyroid hormone
·        Vitamin B12
New cancer treatment