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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Swiss authorities falsified international database registration of foreign citizen to protect them rich and immoral citizen Robert von Rotz!

Because I try found more information about Swiss justice system, in my research I found this horrible cases. Farmers rich of Swiss used stolen children like slave. Any one can open this link of Swiss info and read about this subject:
I was horrified read and see this videos posted with subject: Stolen children..stolen generation ...slaves of Swiss.
Now, I understand why Fedpol don't care who falsified my mother registration of database in Kerns, Obwalden, Swiss if them can hide and not so many persons know about 100000 children stolen and used like slave in rich Swiss farms.

Country of human right the truth is country of protect persons implicate in illegalities..
Who screaming are defenders of justice never will take down them rich citizens even them broke internationals law.
Few months ago Swiss Fedpol try to dirty my mother name telling my mother not live there legal, even in their own registration official from Gemeiden Kerns, Obwalden, Swiss them have falsified my mother date of born and someone delete or used for ...them know what or who....4-6 months of legal registrations. I gave them all prove and documents of identification officials and diploma of study of my mother used to get visa and study in Swiss. All have same date of born but Swiss want me believe my mother are born in another day, month, year ....
And them don't investigate nothing because my dirty biological father, rich and liar Robert von Rotz son of Robert von Rotz from Frauenmatt, if was another Swiss citizen now was in jail...but not him...he are free like bird...and enjoy his lies...God know till when...I care his money? NO! I  care he stolen all my fundamental rights from born, undeclared me or contribute to my grow and education, like every decent parent around this world? NO! I want to hurt him? NO!
But, for sure I will be not let him to escape for dirty my mother memory, or my son pay his lack of honor! I want justice judge his and all persons implicate in this crime ! Almost 40 years I wait him to understand all his mistakes! But honor, truth, parental feeling are far from this Swiss citizen.
And  worst Fedpol Swiss don't look for truth, but how to hide Gemeiden Kerns, Obwalden,  Swiss illegalities.
I will put here photos with Swiss Fedpol official mail answers at my inquired about my mother registration in Swiss and all can see how them run from truth!
1 answer of Fedpol what found them about my mother look what date of born have Fedpol give from Gemeiden, Kerns, Obwalden, Swiss====> 21.03.1951 (from when my mother born in this day, month, year?????????)

So  I must put prove I said the truth? Correct my readers? Ok....let see part of certificate of born base of emitted passport, diploma for study in Swiss and get visa and of course certificate of died of born real ===> 19.06.1947

Part of certificate of born of my mother 19.06.1947 emitted before passport (not 21.03.1951 like Gemeiden Kerns, Obwalden Swiss!!!!!!!!!)

Diploma study emitted in 1966 prove  date of born  of my mother 19.06.1947 so why Swiss can registered falsified date born (21.03.1951) and Fedpol close their eyes????????

ok last document in all human life -certificate of died same date of born ====>19.06.1947
All 3 documents I gave to Fedpol to prove I tell the truth and have base to official investigate!

What do Fedpol?????????????? Them send last answer where with any shy and respect of law , justice and their own duty ...them not written again falsified date of born registered 21.03.1951, but make my mother illegal immigrant and not give any support or investigate!!!!!!!!!

So like this work Fedpol Swiss????? Like this Swiss represent human rights? 
I wandering if my biological father not was Von Rotz what Fedpol do in this case??????
Before them know who are my biological father, Fedpol was professional, but  after know he are Robert von Rotz them hide the truth! Why not check all I put on Fedpol order prove, information and witnesses? What else them hide once with 4-6 months missed registration of my mother?/ Someone else used to get Swiss citizen more fast? Someone from Indonesia too? Connected with Robert von Rotz who actually substitute my mother with her, to hide any evidence of unregistered and undeclared marriage with my mother and my born like natural of him....who know? From 2010 Robert von Rotz move from Frauenmatt to Kerns, from Kerns to Stands, from Stands to Furigen and Zurich and now Luzerne...just to hide from me...just to hide in back of another 2 persons decent with same name?
I don't know if I must feel mercy for him ...he live in a lies 40 years ....he run and created lies story just to people who know him don't know he run from his wife and son, was so insane to married with another Indonesian woman to hide a dirty secret he abused his first wife, abandoned his first son and all for his father money...what honor are this? But I'm sure soon law will be catch him and all implicated! 40 years I gave him time, hope, wishes, prayers and all chance to  end our problems and no one hurt, but all his lies in front of SSI-REI, Fedpol, Indonesian Community in Swiss about my mother, their marriage and me....all  make understand his honor must gone with all prove and truth! So I will be fight in legal, mass-media, human rights way not like my step brothers send terrorist message via false account Facebook who want kill me, my family and friends! And any journalist who want to know better history of  Robert von Rotz key account manager I invited in Indonesia, Sulawesi Utara to know the truth Robert von Rotz face ...muslim but not muslim..Christen but not Christen, married and not report to UU Jakarta or Swiss Embassy Jakarta, father who speak with his wife 3-4 years about his son but never registered or declared his first son, man who despair, run and hide from his family and about his first wife honor daughter of princess from Lemuel David, Niece of Sultan Badarudin II, Queen of University of Journalism, Sufi poetry, journalist, teacher of English, never divorced from Robert von Rotz till died and grow alone them only one son without any help from Robert von Rotz! Are over 50 persons witnesses who meet, know Mr. Robert von Rotz...who wait to story and make the truth out! 
And last said ...if one little city of Swiss have archive of mother registration (even modified and falsified) how Swiss Embassy Jakarta, Fedpol, SEM Swiss, Immigration Obwalden Swiss and else contacted not found my mother international database arrival-departure????? Till than Council of human rights and another...Interpol maybe will be urge them investigate of this authorities of Swiss.

Readers hope stay safe and never get problems! Good luck world!

By RvR