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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Swiss Fedpol refuse investigate why, who and for what local authorities from Swiss, Obwalden, Kerns falsified registration database of foreign citizen!

I was discriminate by own biological father from born, he never registered his muslim married with my mother, (what was report local) to national and international. He never registered me even he know where i live all my life, he visit Indonesia after my born, he meet me till 4 years old in Indonesia, but not give me elementary human rights because my mother and me are Muslims and my father back to his old religion (never report his Muslim religion in officials documents). So, because im poor and can't found international lawyer probono or fees after win i try prove i was concept in Swiss. So inquired Swiss officials for found all my mother registration from arrival to departure from Swiss database.
Fedpol give me a information just from local, but not complete and i don't understand why someone there not just hide 4-6 months of my mother registration but even date of born are falsified in official local registration from Canton Obwalden, Kerns, Swiss.
My mother passport was lose in flooding, and Indonesian local or Swiss immigration can fast detect after documents of born, died, diploma of study with my  mother correct and complete date personal of identification.
But when i ask to complain and investigate Swiss Fedpol make my mother look like immigrant illegal, but even 1 h my mother not live illegal in Swiss. Them not have give any another registration of my mother (arrival, departure, visa study, assurance, or how them tell illegal must have interdiction registration in Immigration).
My biological father paid assurance, make invitation, paid plane tickets  for  4-7 countries before entry in Swiss and back Indonesia, visa of my mother,  My mother have long visa because study.
I don't understand why someone falsified my mother data of born (19 june 1947) in Gemeiden Kerns, Obwalden, Swiss official registration have false data of born for my mother : 21 March 1951) and time to reside in Swiss and why Fedpol not investigate and compare with international prove.
I know my father have another wife there, still from Indonesia but this woman entry in Swiss after 1980, and she are from Kalimantan..
Help me to found support,  to make justice, manipulation database of my mother and religious discriminate reason to not registered me i  think must  be punish by law. even i'm poor..
I need someone not afraid to my father, i know very well he was  voluntary in Guatemala, is rich  from born, hi family are influential and powerful, that no one from Swiss will be help me, or look my evidence, prove or witnesses. But he must be up on law? He know im his son, but he hide, run, manipulate just because ,, i will be never successful because im Muslim.”
In sustaining of my affirmations I have documents identification of my mother (act of born, died certificate, diploma of study all with real date of born) letters original of my father biologic citizen of Swiss (paper of letter are contain element of identification what easy show are Swiss elite paper Elco Dom, letters can be expertise one are handwritten from 1978 by my biological father, photos of my parents together, witnesses in Indonesia, also Swiss and mails of Swiss authorities where can see official answers when I inquired my mother database from Swiss in quality of only one son and heir of my mother, informed authorities this information are vital for my own identity )
Give a hope, help me to make public this misdemeanor maybe someone from this authorities will be investigate and make justice for people honest and poor like me who can’t pay international lawyer (even not eat or spend 1 cent 36 years from now I can’t pay international lawyer with monthly salary 150-200$). Maybe I can found one lawyer who want offer me support legal, I want just my human rights stolen from born with knowledge and planning with reason discrimination and my mother honor back, I want show to world who are the truth man who suppose to be my parent and must protect me. My biological father forced me live almost 40 years without honor because he ,,bet’’ my mother ,,I will be never successful” because I’m Muslim, so he stolen my human right and destroy my life just to win his deal, but he broke all human rights laws with knowledge, planning, substitute, manipulate.

Part of my biological father where make deal with my mother ,,I will be never successful" because my religion, letter are from 1978 I have 2 years old, my father speak are  very dirty and he speak about the truth and honor but he not registered me like son! This not his own declaration for abandon, run from responsibility parental with knowledge and discrimination?????????? This not broke International Convention of UN where Swiss and Indonesia are members? Why my mother can't solve till now? Even my mother database are falsified and hide how can found my biological father after 1980, when we try to survive, one woman alone job to grow his son, single parent? This is not planning to discriminate your wife and son, if you not declared and registered, even my biological father enjoy his life around world? So, not money, not he not found us, but his deal to destroy me and my mother was reason for ruin our life! For this not have prescription of age! He know where we live, he have financial situation to registered, visit me, contribute to my grow and education! This and married with number 2 wife still Indonesian, show intention of premeditated to substitute my mother and hide all evidence, for alibi and not registered me! So, why Fedpol not investigate prove, what Swiss officials authorities reason?????

My mother act of born: 19 June 1947

Fedpol answer via mail: my mother date of born registered in official database from Swiss, Canton Obwalden, Gemeiden Kerns 21 March 1951

Inquired Fedpol complete registration, complain for false registration in official database in base of official documents, complete information for easy found:
- why was falsified date of born of my mother, 
- by who, 
- where can be complete real,
- punish by law in justice (prosecutor) way this misdemeanor

and Fedpol  more than bizarre answer where not repeat falsified date of born registered and offered in mail from 20 October, but refuse to support me, from this last answer even I sent mail and try obtain, also I informed Swiss institution I will be complain official at Council Human Rights of United Nations!

Thank you